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With thousands of cookbooks on the market, it’s difficult to crown a single title as “best.” But every once in a while, a cookbook is introduced that stands out as a special culinary companion that every credible home cook should have. The Church Mothers’ Cookbook is just such a book that deserves to crowned as “Best in Class.”

The Church Mothers’ Cookbook is filled with soul food recipes steeped in the African American tradition of Sunday dinners with the family. It also provides detailed context into the history and development of these soulfully traditional culinary practices.

From delicious desserts to savory steaks, this cookbook provides a large array of choices for home chefs and cooking professionals who want to spice up their menu with dishes like Bigmama used to make them.

The fried cabbage with bacon makes the perfect side dish to chicken or beef, while the cornmeal-crusted lemon pepper pork chops are fail-proof show stoppers.

If you grew up on your grandma’s cooking, your sweet tooth with definitely remember the banana pudding and peach cobbler. It all in there!

Available as a Kindle e-book on Amazon or directly from The Church Mothers’ Cookbook website, this soul food collection is a must-have for newbie cooks and veterans alike. Happy cooking!

BUY NOW! – The Church Mothers’ Cookbook

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