A Powerful Coronavirus Prayer

Within our lifetimes, most of us are unlikely to have seen such widespread global calamity as has occurred with the outbreak of COVID-19. Once seemingly cooperative, well-functioning communities capable of rallying behind others’ suffering, are now trampling over others at grocery stores, squandering supplies, and ostracizing the critically ill on cruise ships out of fear.

While some have speculated that perhaps this forewarns the End of Days Revelation 13, it is important to recall that this is not the first pandemic we have faced since our time on earth.

In 1918, millions of people were infected with the Spanish flu, with millions of deaths as a result. We had millions of deaths occur after the discovery of HIV-AIDS in 1976, so as jarring as this situation may be, we must trust and find calm that all of what is occurring is all part of what should occur.

Perhaps there is rather a stern lesson here to help steer humanity back in the right direction, back onto a path of deliverance and healing through prayer and faith in God’s plan. Several Bible verses refer to what is currently going on in the world and this may bring some comfort to those looking to God for answers during this difficult time.

In Leviticus 13, priests were regarded as physicians, capable of allowing God – through themselves – to heal the sickness of others. As is currently occurring even in modern medicine, people with COVID-19 are required to adhere to a strict 14 day quarantine period. This is discussed in Leviticus 13 as priests were to inspect people for the disease then isolate the ill person for seven days.

Should there be no improvement they should isolate for a further seven days. It was also expected that the ill “must live alone; outside the camp”, very similar to what we are now seeing with current quarantine rules, so perhaps these rules are being guided by a much greater force. As stated in Romans 13 “let every person be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God”.

So perhaps what this means is we should trust in God’s plan, that our governing bodies have been established by God so there may be some truth to the regulations they are putting forth. Regardless, the sight of widespread death, illness, and panic are difficult to grapple with so it is easy to succumb to a state of fear, but through reflection and prayer, we should challenge ourselves to rise above this and trust in God’s plan.

We ought to show care to others and do so in grace as God expects of the faithful, even in a time of widespread panic. As stated in Corinthians 13:7, Love is patient and kind. Love doesn’t envy or boast. It isn’t arrogant or rude. It doesn’t insist on its own way and isn’t irritable or resentful. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.”

A Prayer Against Coronavirus

Heavenly Father, I come before you as an empty pitcher before a full fountain, asking that you fill me with your strength and wisdom. Even as I thank you for my life, my health and my strength, I acknowledge that I am weak and afraid. Your word says in 2 Timothy 1:7, that You have not given me a spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. But even as I believe that you possess all power over this Coronavirus, my flesh is afraid.

It was David who said in Psalm 34:4, “I sought the Lord, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.” Just as David did, I seek your face in my time of fear, oh God, asking You to heal the world and stop the chaos. Restore peace beyond our understanding such that the world will know Your power and seek your mercy.

I humbly ask that you shower Your power down upon the earth and cover all mankind with Your spirit. Provide wisdom to doctors, nurses, and scientists around the world. Be with us in this time of calamity. Stay the hand of death and destruction in a way that all of mankind will acknowledge You and give You praise.

We are nothing without You, oh God! We need You now more than ever before. COVID-19 has no authority against the power of almighty God! I ask that you eradicate this virus faster than it started and show us Your power so that every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that it was nothing but Your power and grace that saved us.

For we know that mighty are the works of Your hands, in which, You hold the entire world. Let all nations seek You, oh God! Fill us with Your hope, Your peace, and Your joy even in this moment of despair. Deliver us from the hand of destruction. In the mighty name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.

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