When Is Easter?

When is Easter Sunday 2022?

This year, in 2022, Easter Sunday will be on April 17th.

Why does Easter change every year?

Easter falls on the Sunday after the Passover full moon. The annual date is determined by the Jewish calendar, which is based on lunar cycles. This means that Easter Sunday can fall anywhere between March 22nd and April 25th.

Easter Sunday is the celebration of Christ’s resurrection as written in the new testament of the Christian Bible.

The Easter holiday is a day of feasts, church services, music, church bells, flowers, candlelight, an egg hunt, and other Easter traditions. It’s a time to be with friends and family, to celebrate the joy, rarity, and the miraculous nature of Christ’s resurrection.

The Story of Easter

In the 1st century Judeah, 30AD, many events lead to the crucifixion of Jesus by Roman soldiers under the decree of King Herod.

On the cross, Jesus suffered untold agony for six hours before he finally breathed his last breath. His body was then buried in a tomb, the entrance of which was covered by a large stone. Two days later, Mary Magdalene and a few of Jesus’s disciples came to visit the tomb. When they arrived, they found that the stone had been moved, and Jesus’s body was gone.

They immediately feared the worst, but an angel appeared with a message and told them that Jesus had risen. Later that day, Jesus was spotted by Mary and the disciples. It soon became clear that God had raised Jesus from the dead, which would thereafter be known as the resurrection.

The Meaning of Easter

Biblical retrospective holds that the events mentioned above were all a part of God’s plan – Jesus, who was his perfect son, would die in the name of repentance for the sins of humanity.

His death was the ultimate sacrifice, a symbol of eternal forgiveness for those who promise their faith to God.

The Friday before Easter Sunday, known as Good Friday, is a holiday of commemoration for this event. It is a time for mourning and reflecting on what Jesus’s sacrifice means for the Christian Church.

Where Good Friday reflects on the implications of death and the crucifixion, Easter Sunday is a celebration of life and the resurrection. It serves as a reminder of the spiritual power of God and how we can be redeemed from sin through the simple act of faith.

Easter eggs play a significant part during this holy holiday – not only are they a nice chocolaty treat, but they are also symbolic of new life and the resurrection of Jesus.

A period of 40 days, known as Lent, comes before Easter Sunday. During this time, Christians prepare for Easter through prayer and penance and may choose to renounce certain foods or festivities in replication of Jesus’s 40 days of withdrawal into the desert.

When is Easter Sunday?

Each year, the date of Easter Sunday is determined by the Paschal full moon. It was decided by the Council of Nicaea in 325CE that the date of Easter would be the first Sunday after the full moon occurring on or after the Spring equinox.

The Paschal Full Moon falls on a recurring sequence of nineteen dates, ranging from March 21st to April 18th. This means that Easter Sunday can fall anywhere between March 22nd and April 25th.

This year, in 2020, Easter Sunday will be on April 12th.

  • 2022: April 17th
  • 2023: April 9th
  • 2024: March 31st
  • 2025: April 20th
  • 2026: April 5th

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