Pronunciation: pee-ah-NEE-see-moe

What is Pianissimo?

Pianissimo is a direction in music that indicates to play or sing “very softly.” It is an Italian word that means “very soft,” and is indicated as a musical notation with the letters “pp.

Key Takeaways

  1. Pianissimo is a musical direction that means to play “very softly,” compared to the overall volume of the song.
  2. Pianissimo is a form of dynamic, which means the variation in loudness of a musical composition.
  3. Pianissimo is indicated on a musical scale with the letters “pp.“

Understanding Pianissimo

Pianissimo is a form of musical dynamic, which is a variation in loudness between notes. While there is no exact or standard loudness or softness sound to pianissimo, it simply means to play very softly in relevance to the rest of the musical piece.

Pianissimo is mostly used as a directive in playing the piano, but can also be used to notate a vocal part or playing other instruments.

Related Terms

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