Pronunciation: for-TEE-see-moe

What is Fortissimo?

Fortissimo is a type of musical dynamic that means “very loud.” It is directive in a musical composition telling the musician to play a part very loudly. Its Italian definition means “very strongly.”

Key Takeaways

  1. Fortissimo means “very loud,” and it is a step louder than forte, which means loud.
  2. It is a notation on a musical composition that is symbolized by “ff”
  3. Fortissimo is relative and does not have an exact measurement.

Understanding Fortissimo

When you strike a drum with a stick very strongly, it creates a very loud sound. Similarly, if you blow strongly on a flute, it also creates a loud sound and therefore explains the etymology of the term.

Because “Fortissimo” is a long word, it is symbolized on a music chart as “ff.”

Not all instruments, however, can be played very loudly. The most commonly used instruments to play a very loud sound include members of the brass family, such as trombones or trumpets.

Related Terms

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