What is Dynamics?

Dynamics is the term that conveys the variation in loudness between notes or phrases in musical composition. It is the written or printed musical notation used to indicate dynamics on a chart.

Key Takeaways

  1. Dynamics signifies the intensity of the sound of a composition.
  2. There are two kinds of Dynamics, which are Static and Changing.
  3. Dynamics is written or printed on composition with musical notations.

Understanding Dynamics

Dynamics signify the varying intensities of sound, which means the loudness or softness of a composition.

There are two kinds of dynamics, which are Static and Changing Dynamics. Static Dynamics is playing the music at a certain volume without changing the notes. Changing Dynamics is playing the music at a certain volume either gradually increasing or decreasing in volume.

In Static Dynamics, the notation for softness is piano (p), while the notation for loudness is represented by forte (f). In Changing Dynamics, Crescendo means gradually get louder, while Decrescendo means gradually get quieter.

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