Pronunciation: klef

What is a Clef?

A clef is a musical notation symbol placed at the left side of the beginning of a musical staff. This sign is used to determine the pitch of the notes.

Key Takeaways

  1. The clef provides the keys to the notes of a musical staff.
  2. It is placed on the left-hand side of a musical staff, to indicate the pitch.
  3. The two most commonly used clefs are the G clef or Treble clef, and the Bass or F clef.

Understanding the Clef

Clef is French for “key,” and it is called such since it acts as the reference for giving the “key” to all notes of the musical staff. It indicates which pitches are on the lines and spaces.

There are several clefs used as a musical notation symbol but the most common ones are Treble clef, of the G clef; the Bass or the F clef; the Alto clef; and the Tenor or the C clef.

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