Pronunciation: Ah-KOO-stiks

What is Acoustics?

Musical acoustics is the science of studying how sounds are used to make music. It comes from the Greek word, “akoustos,” which means heard. It is the brand of science concerned with the generation of sound produced from musical instruments, vocal sounds, the transmission of sound to the listener, as well as the perception of sound.

Key Takeaways

  1. A space/venue’s acoustics greatly affects a musical performance or production.
  2. Acoustics is the science of studying how sound is produced, transmitted, and perceived.
  3. It is a scientific process concerned with determining how a sound is heard.

Understanding Acoustics

A room or space’s acoustics involves the properties or qualities that determine how a sound is transmitted. And since most music is produced in an indoor space, the room/studio/concert venue’s acoustics have a profound effect on how the musical performance is perceived by the audience.

Therefore, to produce a successful show, production, or recording, the acoustics of the venue must be greatly taken into consideration.

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