A Cappella

Pronunciation: Ah kah-PEL-lah

What is “A Cappella?”

A Cappella is a style of singing performance where a soloist or group creates music with no instrumental accompaniment. An A Cappella group harmonizes their voices, or they can also use their voice to mimic the sounds of instruments, such as percussions and other musical sounds.

Key Takeaways

  1. A Cappella can be performed by a soloist or a group.
  2. A Cappella is performed without any accompaniment from a musical instrument, or a recording.
  3. A Cappella features only voices from the performers. Though singing is the main component of A Cappella, performers can also mimic the sound of musical instruments to create a richer and more complex musical number.

Understanding “A Cappella”

A Cappella is taken from the Italian phrase, “alla capella,” which means “in the manner of the chapel.” This musical style was originally meant to be accomplished in a chapel or a small space without the use of musical instruments, as compared to a large church with accompanying organ music.

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