Neo Soul Piano Chords

If you’ve ever heard a song from D’Angelo, Jill Scott, or Erykah Badu, you likely enjoyed the laidback vibes of Neo Soul. It’s a hip genre of popular music known for its soulful feel and moody, lush chord progressions on guitar and piano.

We’ve scoured the internet to find some of the best video resources to help you learn how to play Neo Soul chords on piano. It’s best to begin by watching and imitating what you see in the following piano lessons. After some time and dedicated practice, you’ll begin to create your own style. Good luck!

Neo Soul Chords Explained

Easy Neo Soul Chord Progressions

Neo Soul Ideas


Neo Soul chords and chord progressions are commonly found in contemporary gospel music. Likewise, many black gospel chord changes are typically use in chart-topping neo-soul music. The ultimate takeaway is that these two distinct genres are so interconnected that becoming proficient at one naturally improves the other.

Study the above neo-soul chords lessons and learn the changes in every key. Once you have a solid understanding of the neo-soul practices, apply those chords and changes to gospel songs. Not only will you find it easy to apply, but you definitely fall in love with your new (neo) interpretation of black gospel music.

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