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In 2020, the modern grand piano market is flourishing with amazing top models from top piano brands. But, pianists who are in the market for a grand piano don’t just shop based on brands. Some of these custom models cost more than a house so you better believe that every buyer in the market is very particular about their wants and needs in a grand piano.

We’ve put together a list of top grand piano brands with information about each company. We hope this shortlist of our favorite grand pianos will help you with your own purchasing decisions.

Steinway & Sons

Steinway & Sons can usually be found on any list of quality grand pianos because the company has a long history of high-end build quality and pristine sounding instruments. The beauty of these pianos is virtually endless.

Steinway has a rich history dating back to 1850. The Steinway grand piano was initially hand-crafted by a German craftsman, Heinrich Engelhardt Steinweg. He immigrated to the United States and by 1853, he formed the company. He specialized in immaculate grand pianos and made significant improvements to his products over time. Eventually, other piano makers began to imitate his designs.

Whether you’re a classical pianist in a concert hall or a jazz pianist in a club venue, you can expect outstanding tone and acoustics from a Steinway grand piano. World-renowned musicians often rave about the touch and playability of a Steinway. Their instruments have received many awards from Paris to New York City for world-class construction and performance on the most memorable music recordings.

The most cost-effective models are the Essex and Boston brands. Each instrument includes a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.


Played by scores of popular musicians worldwide, Yamaha is a top manufacturer of grand pianos that have graced some of the biggest stages in the music industry. Some famous Yamaha players include Alicia Keys, Chick Corea, and Elton John.

Built with impeccable attention to detail, this Japanese brand offers crisp, round tones and superior craftsmanship. The Yamaha grand piano is a pop music industry standard and is available as an acoustic or digital piano.

Yamaha pianos include a 10-year warranty on parts and labor. Top models include the CF4, CF6, CFX, and DCFEX3PRO. The construction includes top-notch mahogany and maple and the durability of the piano is unmatched.


Bechstein grand pianos exude class and they sound just as good as they look. The styling is elegant and sophisticated, while the tone is full and mature.

The company has roots in Germany dating back to 1853. It was named after Carl Bechstein – a master craftsman. The company gained huge popularity after Queen Victoria purchased one of its instruments.

The tone is sharp and distinct, thanks to superior parts and construction. Warm bass tones and silky treble notes can be expected from these high-end pianos. The well-blended mid-range fills out the roundness of the tone, making these pianos perfect for the most demanding musicians. Bechstein grand pianos are arguably best-in-class instruments.


Bosendorfer is another top contender in the grand piano market. Although its global name recognition falls short of Yamaha or Steinway, its sound quality rivals any instrument produced today. With high-quality construction, you will fall in love with Bosendorfer at first sight. Once you feel the magical playability combined with unmatched sound quality, you will be hooked no matter what genre you play.

The company has origins in Vienna Austria. In 1828, Ignaz Bosendorfer launched his first grandiose piano. Franz Liszt, a famous composer, was an endorser of Bosendorfer.

The sound of these instruments is bold and eccentric. Just ask any of the famous pianists who choose to play it: Beatrice Berrut, Kimiko Ishazaki, and Saskia Giorgini, were among the number. These works of musical art are crafted with spruce wood and the strings are dual-layered with copper for extra tone and resonance.

You can expect a 10-year warranty with these beauties.


Once again, we jet back to Germany to find one of the finest pianos in existence. Julius Bluthner formed the company in 1853 to build custom pianos. It is still a family-owned company to this day. The company has won many prestigious awards for its piano designs.

The sound of their instruments is well-defined with warmth and depth. But its visual appeal is second to none. It is partially transparent to accentuate its dazzling style. The veneers are modeled from exotic burl and ebony. The pianos also offer a fantastic rose gold surface finish. They also offer an option for slick LED lights as accents.

A 10-year warranty is included.


The Fazioli brand can be traced back to Northern Italy. It is one of the newer brands on the market as its history dates back to 1978 when Paolo Fazioli decided to refurbish existing pianos. Fazioli was a concert pianist and engineer. He experimented with design changes of current pianos and his endeavors were fruitful.

When it comes to sound quality, Fazioli rivals the top brands. The tone is soft and smooth due to the hammer positioning which is closer to the strings.

Fazioli pianos include high-end accents, such as 24-carat gold leaf materials. It is also constructed of red elm and ebony. The brand offers different models with diverse designs. These instruments include a 10-year warranty.


These Japanese manufactured pianos are known around the world for pristine sound and stellar beauty. The brand owes its name to Koichi Kawai who established the company in 1927. Shigeru Kawai is the successor if Koichi, his father.

Kawai even offers high-tech digital pianos that can emulate acoustic models. Their grand pianos are built with spruce wood for strength and resilience. The wooden keys are perfectly balanced.

A 10-year warranty is included with the instrument.

Stuart & Sons

If 88 keys just aren’t enough for some reason, Stuart & Sons offers 108 keys and four foot pedals. Another family-owned brand, Stuart & Sons is a newer company, making quality pianos for 29 years. The company launched in 1990 in Australia, making them the newest brand on our list. But their recognition here is well deserved.

Their unique pianos are crafted with Tasmanian wood and red cedar. The wood combination results in an eye-catching finish. Elite tone quality elevates this brand with the best of the best.

Bottom Line

Ultimately, the pianos above are top quality and should only be distinguished by the personal taste and preference of the purchasing pianist. Given the price points of these world-class instruments, these purchasing decisions should not be taken lightly.

With each of these companies, you will receive a well-constructed piano that will last for generations to come.

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