Learning Piano and Its Benefits

Have you ever had a dream of becoming a pianist but something has always held you back? You may have struggled with the desire to learn piano for a long time and you may have even taken a leap of faith and started piano lessons just to withdraw after some time. You might have no motivation to get started despite the burning desire. It’s not too late and you can still work on turning this dream into reality. Here are some of the benefits of learning piano that will help get you back on track.

Ultimate Benefits of Learning Piano

Several research studies have discovered that playing music improves the ability of brain function. Some experiments have clearly shown an improvement in intelligence after listening to some special music. This is just listening, but playing music leads to even better results. Learning any musical instrument, especially piano, significantly triggers different parts of the brain. Learning piano may even delay the onset of dementia and other brain diseases. This implies that learning piano can substantially contribute to improving mental performance and intelligence regardless of age.

Some of the intangible benefits of playing the piano are tough to measure. The better you get at playing the piano, the more your self-esteem grows and the higher your self-confidence becomes. Most piano learners have reported increased happiness with musical improvement. There is no particular reason as to why this happens but what’s important is the fact that you may be happier for becoming a pianist. Learning the piano can also develop a sense of personal accomplishment.

One of the significant benefits of learning how to play the piano is the sheer enjoyment that it brings. Imagine a scenario where you can sit down at a piano and play a few songs. You may do it for fun and entertainment, or even entertain others as well. The reason behind learning how to play the piano doesn’t matter. What matters is the fact that you take a step forward and work towards achieving your goal.

How do you feel after discovering the benefits of learning the piano? You can become a great pianist if you only have the right attitude and commit yourself to a journey of learning. Start now and push towards your dream and I promise that you’ll be playing the piano successfully in no time.

Which Method of Learning Piano Suits You Best?

Many people interested in learning piano are often confused about the best way to learn and master the skills. People tend to think that there are simple strategies or lessons required in learning the piano effectively. However, the fact is that there is no particular “shortcut” method or quick approach to learning how to play. Different people learn in different ways and some are naturally faster than others. But your musical journey is a life-long marathon, not a sprint to the finish.

In the early stages, it is important to identify your learning style. Visual learners may successfully learn by merely watching online video courses through the Internet while others may be comfortable learning piano by reading PDF piano lessons. The decision on the specific approach mainly lies with you. You are the only person who can make an informed decision on what method suits you best. If you are confused about the type of approach to use, the following are a couple of effective and successful ways of becoming a master pianist. Despite the fact that these approaches have been proven to work well for professionals, they also have some disadvantages. However, the pros outweigh the cons. These methods will serve you best particularly if you have identified your personal approach to learning.

Best approaches to learn how to play piano

The first method is the use of self-teach books and traditional sheet music. You may not believe that some of the prominent pianists have learned and mastered their skills in playing the piano through traditional sheet music. Currently, some people choose to read various compositions in sheet music merely because they find it a more comfortable and relaxing method in learning piano songs. The only disadvantage is that the approach takes more time to learn and mainly when you come across strict and complicated instructions that you don’t understand. This implies that the lessons may take longer compared to using videos since you have to learn all the steps all by yourself.

The second approach is signing up with a piano instructor. This method is suitable for individuals who learn best through interacting as they will have a professional to guide them. One of the significant benefits of this method is that you will get all your questions answered in real-time any time you encounter an issue. This proves to be the best method for beginners, particular when you are interested in learning the fundamental theories in music. The disadvantage is that you must make time to attend the lessons and the cost can be significantly higher.

The third and last approach is online piano courses and the use of DVDs. This method is suitable for both beginners and professional pianists especially nowadays since technology advancements have offered all of the necessary resources that are easily accessible via the Internet. This method also provides you with an opportunity to search for a professional piano instructor to help you maneuver the courses successfully. The other advantage is that the cost is lower since many of the video courses are free and readily available. Some of the piano lessons are interactive, and this allows you to play familiar songs and music quickly after you get started.

Another interesting approach to learning piano is jazz piano songs. The fact is that anyone can learn jazz piano songs especially if you take sufficient time to listen, acknowledge and evaluate the characteristics of this particular upbeat style of music. Some players believe that jazz can be treated as the most expressive, emotional and personalized style of music you can play on the piano. The beauty of jazz songs increases if the pianist can alter their speed and style. This offers more opportunities for jazz pianists to evaluate and improve on the same song to finally end with a new but familiar sound. Jazz can be difficult at first to beginners unfamiliar with the style, but never give up because you will have much fun once you familiarize yourself with typical jazz melodies, rhythms, and harmonies.


Learning piano is not only for adults, but you can also introduce your kids. Every journey starts with a single step and learning how to play the piano is no different. There is nothing that bounds you or your kid from becoming a professional pianist. Playing the piano is easy and fun. Everyone can quickly learn the skill and enjoy playing the piano to the maximum. Start now and gradually make your way up. You will soon be there. Cheers!

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