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What is a Hymn?

A hymn is a type of song specifically used for religious purposes and sung in a place of public worship. It comes from the Greek word, “Hymnos,” which means “song of praise.”

Key Takeaways

  1. A hymn is a formal song and strictly used for Christian worship services.
  2. A hymn is sung by an entire congregation in a public place of worship.
  3. It is doctrinal in context and theologically sound and must be God-centered, rather than man-centered.

Understanding a Hymn

A hymn uses doctrinal text or words, accompanied by the playing of musical instruments. It is often sung in church services and sung together by the entire congregation. It is a formal song strictly used for Chrisitan worship and is God-centered.

The structure of a hymn is derived from classical music and often consists of 4-part harmony. It is used primarily for adoration or prayer and is used as an expression of worship with words as its most important aspect, rather than the instrumental accompaniment

Related Terms

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