Best Gospel Funeral Songs

In times of bereavement, when emotions are high and people may be feeling hopeless, a simple song can hold the power to restore and encourage those who are hurt by the loss of a loved one. That’s precisely why the song choice at funeral services is so important.

When planning funeral services, take a few moments and consider compiling a musical playlist that will serve to heal the hurt, encourage the family, and give hope and help to those who are left behind.

The following song list will provide you with suggestions that should be considered when planning funeral services in a religious context. In particular, gospel and Christian songs will set the mood for a homegoing service that will give the perfect message to family and friends that are suffering emotionally.

Instead of playing hymns about death, we suggest focusing on songs that celebrate life – and life with God in particular. Celebrating life through music will ease the emotional burden for friends and family during this difficult time.

Gospel Funeral Songs

Southern Traditional Funeral Songs

Christian Funeral Songs (CCM)

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