Best Drum Sets for Kids

While the kids are young, you should want to seize every opportunity to teach them new things. One of the best things a child can learn at a young age is how to play a musical instrument. There are so many to choose from but playing the drums is a perfect outlet for the most energetic and curious kids. Let’s take a look at the benefits of playing the drums, and which drum sets are best for your young kids.

Benefits of Playing the Drums

While playing the drums may not be as glamorous or as elegant as playing the violin or cello, it has a lot of benefits that may catch you off guard. These benefits aren’t just surprising. They’ll also be helpful for your kids as they grow up.

Increased Academic Performance

There have been countless studies that have demonstrated the improvement of academic performance for those who undergo musical training, especially in the subjects of math. But playing the drums also adds the benefit of being better at English because drummers can identify emotional cues that help them understand another person’s thoughts and motives.

You shouldn’t be afraid of encouraging your child to play drums because it won’t pull them away from school. Instead, it will even help them become better in their studies. Young drummers learn fractions, frequencies, and intervals faster because of their knowledge with playing the drums and notes.

Less Stress

Children also get stressed sometimes, especially if they’re learning new things. But playing drum sets or other kinds of drums can help them relieve their stress. According to Evolutionary Psychology, when a drummer plays, he releases endorphins that are similar to a runner’s high.

The activity itself is enough to generate happiness and reduce the stress one may feel. That’s why most drummers play drums whenever they also feel quite down or sad because it can easily change and enhance their mood.

Helpful with Other Instruments

Learning to play the drums also helps the drummer play other instruments quickly. Playing the drums requires one to focus on the rhythm, melody, and notes to coordinate well with other instruments. This, in turn, provides a drummer with a general familiarity with the purpose and placement of other instruments.

Tips on Buying Drum Sets

Now that we’ve enumerated some of the benefits of playing the drums, it’s a good time to look for the best drum set for kids. we only want the best for our kids, so here are tips to guide you on how to buy the best drum set for your kid:

Electronic or Acoustic

These drum sets aren’t just the small ones you see in the toy store, they’re big, and they take up space. So when you’re looking for one, be sure that you have enough space for it at home. Generally, electronic kits take up lesser space because they’re not actually the real set of drums. They are an electronic copy of it. But they’re advantageous for those who need to dismantle it every now and then.

Acoustic sets, on the other hand, take up larger areas. They’re big because they’re the real size and they produce real sounds. So you first need to choose if you have space for an acoustic set or you need to squeeze an electronic set.

Basic Components

When you’re out to look for the best drum set you can get, you need to find the big three in the set, regardless of the brand. The bass drum and snare drum. These are the two basic drum components each set must have because they’re the backbone for rhythm.

Then when it has the big three, check that it has two rack toms and a floor tom. After this, you can choose to add a hi-hat, a ride cymbal, and crash cymbals. It all depends on the progress of your kid’s learning.

Right Material
Acoustic kits are made up of different materials which produce different types of sound according to that material. Maple, which gives open and warm tones. Birch, known for darker tones. Mahogany, known for attacking tones with a bottom and a punch. All three obviously produce different sounds.

If you’re not sure, you can ask the teacher what’s best for your kid’s progress. Over the years, it’s better to have different kinds of material available for a good mix. Electronic kits, however, give you a variety of sounds to choose from because they’re built with that. There’s not the right material, only the one most suitable for your child’s taste and skill.

Best Drum Sets for Beginners

With all those benefits and tips, let’s now look for the best drum sets beginners can use to improve their skills. These drum sets are able to accommodate your kid’s frame without looking like a toy in the toy store.

Sound Percussion Labs Lil Kicker

This is one of the best options for smaller beginners (ages 2-7) because the size is built to accommodate smaller frames. This drum kit was designed with children in mind. It’s also a complete set of the basic components mentioned earlier, and it’s definitely budget-friendly.

Ludwig Junior Outfit Drum Set

This is a very well-known brand that offers a drum set complete with all of the basic components. It’s not the cheapest kit available, but it’s still great for beginners who are slowly easing into advanced lessons. You’re guaranteed that this is high-quality and durable.

Kids playing the drums have become quite popular and the early start definitely pays off. They’ll do better at school and be more confident while learning timing and rhythm skills that could also help them with other instruments. Just find the right drum set using the right tips or start with the drums sets that have been tested and proven. All this for your kid’s interest and future.

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