GospelChops® Releases New SHED Crash™ Cymbals

For over a decade, GospelChops® has been making headlines in the world of drumming. That trend continues in 2016 with the release of a new line of cymbals designed for hard-hitting drummers. The 18-inch SHED Crash™ is the first cymbal in the series. Designed to be a main crash, this cymbal has a dark, low-end response with just enough “trashy” tones. These hand-hammered cymbals are thin and fast, weighing in at 1240grams and provide a crisp, resonant tone that works well in gospel, jazz, and rock genres.



The SHED Crash is not a mass-produced, machine-made cymbal. It is custom made by master artisans in Istanbul who take pride in traditional Turkish cymbal manufacturing. Each SHED Crash™ is hammered to perfection according to GospelChops® specifications.

This is the perfect warm, full-bodied crash for the distinguished drummer who knows how to feel the music. If you are ready to take your drumming to the next level, play the cymbal that commands attention – The 18-inch SHED Crash™ from GospelChops®.


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