Improve Your Drum Set In One Easy Step

If your idea of snare drum shopping is walking into your local Guitar Center and buying something off the shelf, we have news for you… you’re doing it wrong! After all, who buys drums at a guitar shop?

If you want to improve your overall drum kit sound in one easy step, try investing in a high-quality snare drum. There are tons of custom builders creating beautiful looking and sounding snares. Likewise, each of the major drum manufacturers also build high-end drums that are not usually stocked in stores.

Although maple and birch woods are common to drum builders, your ears may fall in love with the sound of oak. Better yet, your sound may be greatly enhanced by the tone of steel or titanium (pictured below).

Dunnett Titanium T6 – 6.5″ x 14″

Make it your mission to seek out the perfect snare drum for your genre and personal taste. After all, it’s the drum that your audience will focus on most. They will clap to it and listen for it to create the pulse of the groove. Paying a little extra attention to your snare tone will ensure that your audience pays more attention to your presence in the band.

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