Yamaha Live Custom Hybrid Oak Drum Set Review

The Yamaha Live Custom Hybrid Oak drum set combines a phenolic hyper-core sheet with a bass enhancement system to deliver a sound that’s full with a powerful punch. At the heart of the new drum, you’ll find a super-dense resin that’s perfect for live performance situations. Yamaha understands that professional drummers have different tastes and preferences. That’s why they offer different components to allow you custom-build your preferred drum kit. The Live Custom Hybrid Oak drum kit is available in rock and fusion size configurations. Here is a detailed review of the Yamaha live custom hybrid drum.



The drum set features single post lugs to promote maximum resonance and shell integrity. Also, the set comes with 2.3 mm steel DynaHoops to ensure the drums speak clearly at maximum volume. Yamaha has enhanced the dynamic range by accentuating the attack and projection of Live Custom Hybrid Oak drum kits. This means that you have all the power and articulation to steal the show.


Yamaha Live Custom Hybrid Oak borrows the blended-shell concept from the flagship PHX series. It reworked on the live custom oak shell to include a synthetic phenolic polymer. These are 7-ply shells constructed with a phenolic ply to give players more tone. The three inner layers are enclosed by three outer layers with one layer of phenol. This gives the drums better attack and projection while enhancing the dynamic range.

The design is enhanced by cutting out any unnecessary frequencies. Interestingly, weights have been introduced inside the drum to give a stronger low-end punch. The shell hardware comes in noble black silver color while the inside shell is painted black. It’s worth mentioning that the bearing edges are cut to 45 degrees.

On the sides, you’ll find some wing bolts to ensure the drum clamp tightly on the leg without damaging it. Each drum claw hook is insulated with a plastic insertion plate for a tighter and more focused sound. The 10” drum is suitable for medium and higher tuning while the 12” is perfect for a wide-ranging middle register.

YESS III Tom Mounting System

This proprietary system allows the shell to vibrate more freely and brings out the natural volume. This revolutionary step reduces acoustic dampening. Keep in mind that the tom mounting system is the most effective in the market.

The Finish

The stunning exterior comes with a new level of beauty thanks to the Japanese Uzukuri finishing techniques. The soft areas of the wood are sanded and coated with black paint. It’s then sanded again before the final coat is applied. This gives the drum a 3-dimensional look that resembles fine furniture. From every angle, you’ll love the natural beauty of the oak grain. Depending on your taste and preferences, you can choose natural, earth sunburst, magma sunburst, ice sunburst, or charcoal finishes.

The Bottom Line

Once you get your hands on these Yamaha drums, you’ll understand the research and development that has gone into this new series. These drums combine the bass-enhancing weights and single point lugs to produce a unique sound. Isn’t that what custom drums should be? The striking style complements the distinctive sound. Every part is crafted and shaped by hand to provide outstanding results. If you’re a drum enthusiast or experienced professional, grab a Yamaha Live Custom Hybrid Oak drum set and build your ultimate drum kit.

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