Vocal Score

What is a Vocal Score?

A vocal score is a copy of a piece of music that shows the voice parts in full. The vocal score is mostly used in large works, such as operas and oratories.

Key Takeaways

  1. A vocal score is a publication where the voice parts of musical composition are notated.
  2. A piano-vocal score involves the voice parts in full accompanied by a piano piece but performed in a reduced form.
  3. A vocal score is a convenient way for a vocal soloist to practice separately from the orchestra or ensemble.

Understanding Vocal Score

A musical score, for example, shows the instrumental parts together, giving a view of the entire piece. A vocal score, on the other hand, only reveals the voice parts of the composition.

A common form of a vocal score is the piano-vocal score, which involves the voice parts in full and accompanied by the piano in reduced form. It is a convenient way for vocal soloists to practice the music separately from the orchestra.

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