What is Triplet?

A triplet is a kind of tuplet that involves playing 3 notes having the time value of 2 notes. Each note in a triplet has equal rhythmic value, with no note being emphasized – this means that all three notes must be played in the same value.

Key Takeaways

  1. A triplet is the most typical tuplet.
  2. A triplet divides a beat into 3 equal parts.
  3. A triplet is a group of 3 equal notes that fills the duration of a typical 2-note pattern.

Understanding Triplet

Triplets are the most common type of tuplet and it is a way of injecting complex rhythms into a musical phrase.

To note a triplet, the number 3 must be noted above or below the notes that it applies to. The number 3 can be emphasized by a bracket or curved line.

There are different forms of triplets, such as the sixteenth-note triplet, which equals two sixteenth notes; the quarter note triplet, which equal to two-quarter notes; and the half-note triplet, which equal to one whole-note.

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