Cut Time

What is Cut Time?

Cut time is a time signature that’s also known as Alle Breve, or cut common time. Alle Breve is an Italian term, which means “on the half-note.” The time signature symbol looks like the letter C with a vertical line through it.

Key Takeaways

  1. Cut time is a time signature represented by the letter C with a vertical line through it.
  2. It is ideal for faster tempo music.
  3. Cut time means you have two notes per measure.

Understanding Cut Time

As a time signature, it is represented by 2/2. The top number means how many beats are in a bar, while the bottom number is the type of beat. Cut time, therefore, means there are two beats per half note, and it is associated with music with a fast tempo.

It is most commonly used in marches due to its fast tempo. Cut time also makes reading music much simpler and easier because of the lesser need for flags.

Related Terms

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