What is the Jezebel Spirit?

Jezebel is a name that connotes negative traits. As Christians, you might know the story of Queen Jezebel, but did you know that there’s a Jezebel Spirit?

Though the Bible does not state the “Jezebel Spirit,” it is known among Christians as an evil spirit that takes over the soul of the Christian, corrupting his or her spirit and body.

In this article, we’ll discuss what the Jezebel Spirit is, how to recognize it, and what you can do as a Christian when you encounter another Christian possessed with the Jezebel Spirit.

What is the Jezebel Spirit?

The Jezebel Spirit is known as the evilest and cunning evil spirit Satan has. In the Bible, Jezebel was a wicked queen who had a reputation for murder, seduction, chaos, and destruction. Though there is no direct mention of the “Jezebel Spirit” in the Bible, the Old and New Testaments feature negative symbolism and connotations surrounding the character.

The Jezebel Spirit is a demonic influence that causes chaos and deduction to churches, organizations, marriages, friendships, congregations, companies, and to anyone around it. The spirit causes these negative events to happen through deception, manipulation, and seduction.

It is said to be the highest form of evil spirit because it doesn’t just bring about one negative event or characteristic, but it creates an entirely complex and dangerous impact on everything around it.

It is very hard to deal with this spirit once it moves in and attaches itself to a person. This spirit is very good at playing head games with the individual and the person becomes a complete control freak, who gets very good at manipulating others to do their evil bidding.

The most terrifying thing about this spirit is that it’s not a monster at face value. In fact, the Jezebel Spirit is actually quite charming, charismatic, and attractive.

When you meet a person with the Jezebel Spirit, you will be drawn to this person because they are so enigmatic, magnetic, charming, and seductive. But little will you know that these traits will actually be the death of you – because the spirit is so seductive, you will be fooled into doing the evil things they want you to do.

They can cause you to bring troubles to your marriage, cause havoc in your congregation, and can distract your path to righteousness. The end result is broken marriages, friendships, church members get involved in conflicts, and congregations are broken apart.

Who Was Jezebel In the Bible?

Jezebel was a Phoenician princess who married the king of Israel, Ahab. She was the daughter of Ethbaal, who was king of the Tyre/Sidon, and priest of the Baal, a nature god. Baal was known to be a cruel, revolting, and sensuous false god whose worship involved lewdness and sexual degradation.

When Jezebel became queen, she led Israel into Baal worship. When Ahab and Jezebel reigned over Israel, it is said to be one of the saddest chapters in the history of the nation and of God’s people.

She was dominating and controlling and connived with others to do her evil deeds. She had an obsession for power and began a relentless campaign to rid herself of all evidence of Yahweh worship. She ordered the murder of Yahweh prophets and replaced their altars with the image of Baal. Her staunch enemy was Elijah, whom she also ordered to be killed, and Elijah had to flee for his life.

Another incident of Jezebel’s wrath and cruelty was an incident that involved a man named Naboth. Ahab wanted to purchase the land of Naboth but the Jewish man refused to sell his inheritance. Angered by this, Jezebel taunted and ridiculed Ahab for his weakness and made false allegations against Naboth forging Ahab’s name. She accused Naboth of blasphemy and sentenced him to be stoned to death. They also wanted Naboth’s sons to be stoned to death to get rid of any heirs, and thus, reverting the ownership of the land to the king.

Their reign was full of terror, murder, cruelty,y sexual promiscuity, immorality, false god worship, and anyone who got in the way or refused to abandon their worship to Yahweh was murdered.

How to Spot a Jezebel Spirit in a Christian?

When this demonic spirit takes over a Christian, it can do the following things:

1. Orchestrate or control everything around him or her.

2. Use deception or manipulation to get what he or she wants.

3. Wants to be the center of attention at all times.

4. Questions a Christian’s beliefs, faith, and causes doubts and anxiety in that person.

5. Distracts believers from worshipping God.

6. Uses sexual seduction to sway Christians from the paths of righteousness.

7. Seduces Christians to live a hedonistic lifestyle.

8. Wreaks havoc among marriages, friendships, groups, companies, relationships in general, and institutions, especially religious ones.

A person may have been kind or good but suddenly has a change of behavior and starts doing these things. Or, a person may have already been negative but his or her behavior recently escalated that they are causing trouble. It is important to note that a Christian who is possessed by the Jezebel Spirit has had weak faith, or has recently questioned God.

A firm believer, one who worships God fully, and has received the salvation of the Lord will now be easily possessed by the Jezebel Spirit. Christians who are doubting their faith, or who are not staunch worshippers will be possessed by the Jezebel Spirit so it’s important that you practice your duties as a Christian to prevent the Jezebel Spirit from entering your soul.

How to Defeat the Jezebel Spirit

When the Jezebel Spirit has entered your soul, a friend, a loved one, or a member of your church, don’t worry, there are things that you can do to handle this demonic spirit. Here are the things you can do to defeat the evil spirit of Jezebel:

1. Pray

Pray to God and ask Him for guidance on what to do. Ask Him for the best course of action. Pray for the person under the influence of the spirit, and pray for his or her jealousy, rage, education, and anger to disappear.

2. Talk to the Person

Confront the person and tell him or her that they are showing symptoms of the Jezebel Spirit. The person possessed with this spirit will be aware that they are acting this way and by letting them know, they can also pray and ask God for guidance. Ask this person to repent and ask for deliverance.

3. If The Person Refuses to Repent, Separate from This Person

If this person is a member of your church, you must ask them to leave as they can cause destruction to your congregation. If the person refuses to acknowledge their changed behavior, their destructive ways and is refusing to ask for deliverance, there is only one way to protect yourself, and that is to make this person leave.

If you are married to the person, you must separate temporarily as you pray for this person, and as this person realizes his ways. If you continue to stay with this person, he or she will wreak havoc in your relationship, and can even lead to divorce.

Practicing Self-Care When Facing a Jezebel Spirit

When confronting a Jezebel Spirit, taking care of oneself becomes crucial. Maintaining your physical, emotional, and spiritual health can provide resilience against the attacks and manipulations of such spirits.

Ensure you maintain a balanced diet, get enough sleep, and engage in regular exercise. These basic self-care practices can significantly bolster your physical strength and energy levels, making you less susceptible to the spirit’s influence.

Equally important is nurturing your emotional well-being. Surround yourself with positive influences and develop healthy relationships. Cultivate practices like mindfulness, meditation, or yoga, which can help manage stress and create mental clarity.

Finally, focus on your spiritual health. Whether you find comfort in prayer, meditation, reading scripture, or other spiritual practices, consistently engaging in these activities strengthens your spiritual armor.

Remember, you’re not alone in this battle. Reach out to trustworthy spiritual leaders or mentors who can provide guidance and support during this challenging time.

The Power of Forgiveness When Dealing with a Jezebel Spirit

Confronting the Jezebel Spirit can stir up feelings of resentment, anger, and bitterness. Forgiveness, though challenging, plays an essential role in your healing and freedom. When you forgive, you break the chains the spirit uses to manipulate and control you.

This doesn’t mean you condone the behavior or forget what happened. Rather, you make a conscious decision to let go of the hold it has on you. This act of releasing resentment and anger can drastically reduce your stress levels and promote emotional and spiritual well-being.

Remember, forgiveness is a process. It may take time. Be patient with yourself. Pray for strength, guidance, and peace throughout this process. Reach out to spiritual leaders or mentors if you find it difficult to forgive. They can provide invaluable advice and support to help you navigate this challenging journey.


The Jezebel Spirit is the most cunning, vile, and evil of all the evil spirits because it is incredibly damaging, chaotic, and destructive to relationships and churches. When you notice the symptoms of this evil spirit in someone, you have to act right away before they can cause irreparable damage to relationships, friendships, marriages, the congregation, groups, and even entire companies.

The most powerful and effective way to combat the Jezebel Spirit is through prayer. Prayer can bring deliverance, spiritual protection, peace, and freedom from its manipulative influences.

To further protect yourself from the attacks of this spirit, practice self-care by maintaining a healthy diet, sleeping enough, and engaging in regular exercise. Additionally, cultivate positive relationships and engage in spiritual activities like prayer, meditation, or reading scripture.

Finally, strive to practice forgiveness as it helps break the spirit’s hold over you.

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