Increasing Your Faith Through Christian Music

There is something phenomenal, powerful, unfathomable, mysterious and mesmerizing about music. Music does mysterious things to us. It moves us and makes us bob our heads or snap our fingers while listening to its beat and rhythm. Far beyond its utilization in religious services, it is known to be an effective therapeutic tool.

The scriptures tell us that David played music to help King Saul have relief and peace in times of torment and stress (1 Samuel 16:14-23 NIV). Meditation through music can enable people to recover a high state of awareness and clear the mind of spiritual ills. Music heals us.

Music plays an integral part in a believer’s life. There are many genres and sub-genres that are used to categorize worship music, but all in all, Christian music is any song written to adore God.

There are various ways to strengthen faith including discipleship, fellowship, charity, and evangelism. Christians are aware that worship music draws us closer to the creator and also strengthens our faith. Let us take a look at how Christian music can increase one’s faith.

1. Christian Music Improves Focus

Christian music doesn’t only clear our thoughts, but it also helps or minds focus more on God. As we memorize the lyrics, we commonly find ourselves in a state of worship by simply singing along in our minds. Music has the physiological potential to draw the attention of our minds back to the realities of faith when we feel scattered or out of sorts.

2. Christian Music Impacts the Nervous System

In a modern society that stresses us out, it can be quite difficult for one to feel calm and experience real mental peace. Spiritual meditation found in worship songs can have a positive impact on the autonomic nervous system that influences our physical and mental well being. The best Christian artists are uniquely skilled at leading us to a tranquil spiritual mindset where we can commune with God through words and melodies.

3. Christian Music Reassures Us

Many of us face struggles every day between our jobs, schools, or even negative social influences. Christian songs reassure us that our struggles are not ours alone, but we find spiritual support in God.

4. Christian Music is Worshipful

When we sing along to our favorite Christian songs, we affirm the worshipful messages in the lyrics. Some lyrics speak about love while others are simple prayers. But every Christian song encourages our belief in our salvation. As we recite these works of musical art spiritually agree with the writer’s sentiments.

5. Christian Music Creates a Sense of Selflessness

Through meditative worship, the activities going on in the parietal lobe which is found at the back of the brain decrease. This enables one to have a very deep sense of unity and oneness with God. The experience is physiological and spiritual. The emotional parts of the brain become activated and boost strong emotions of joy or love. Through Christian music, people engage with God in an uplifting and in a deeply meaningful way.

6. Christian Music Reaches a Different Level

Worship music isn’t deeper than all other aspects of Christianity, but the music can affect us very directly. Whether music changes moods, lowers blood pressure or helps us focus better, it clearly has a huge impact on a person’s physical body.

Worship can reach someone in such a way that a lesson or sermon can’t. The notes of a song will not literally bring someone closer to Jesus, but one is open to the song’s message due to the music. Some individuals prefer listening to great speaking, some enjoy the picture and video illustrations and others connect more via the community.

7. Christian Music Mixes Up Your Daily Prayer Routine

Music gives a reprieve from sitting quietly and jotting down notes for about an hour. It gives us a chance to energetically lift voices to God in thanksgiving and adoration. An effective church should appeal to the spiritual needs of the members in different ways. The church’s main focus isn’t to entertain its audience, but worship music gives Christians a chance to invite the atmosphere of worship as well as respond to the teachings of the bible.

When we are alone with God, Christian songs can mix things up. One of the ways to mix up your quiet time in the morning is by listening to hymns or worship songs after reading the bible and praying. You can also choose to add Christian songs to your everyday commute. Suddenly, that long drive to work or school becomes a time of praise and worship.

8. Christian Music is Truthful

The best worship songs speak the pure truth. A catchy beat or a calming melody can captivate us, but a worship song that is not backed by absolute truth is worthless. Even if a worship song is really great musically, its lyrics are where we find the power. Worship music’s purpose is to repackage the Bible’s truth in such a way that one can celebrate our faith in song. Some songs are straight scripture texts set to music. Utilizing scripture as your anchor for worship music is the best way to ensure that your message remains on point.

9. Christian Music Brings People Together

There is something about Christian songs that makes them very powerful, especially where there is a large group of believers. When a room full of people dedicate themselves to the messages of Christian songs then get into the spirit, it is very potent. Music is a global language that gets more powerful if used to honor and praise God. Power is not found in the music itself, but it is found in the truth of its message and the level of sincerity of how it is delivered, and this is what changes lives.

10. Christian Music Speaks to Our Spirit

You can listen to a very old Christian song which you grew up listening to and hear a lyric that reminds you of something. All you need to do is pay attention to the song’s message and when you’re going through a trial or tribulation, you might hear something which will give the song a new meaning. Every person feels drawn closer to God in a different way but worship music is just one of the ways that God speaks to us. The songwriters are God’s vessel. This is why every year we celebrate musicians who create a huge impact on our Christian culture.


When we listen to music, our pupils dilate, the blood pressure may rise, our body hairs may stand up and chills may run down the spine. Music touches our bodies and souls in amazing ways. The musical taste of a person can also change with years of development. Everyone has their favorite music that stays in their memory for life. Musical nostalgia brings old memories of happiness, passion, personal expression, and love.

Music is known to affect our emotions. If you listen to a sad song, your mood will decline and happy songs make one feel happy. Likewise, songs of faith in God naturally increase our faith in God.

As you walk along this Christian journey, you would be wise to keep a song in your heart that brings you closer to God. If you don’t know what that song is at this moment, keep listening to new Christian music as well as the classics. When the right songs touch your spirit, you’ll definitely know it.

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