GospelChops Introduces New Cymbals for 2019

The GospelChops brand is officially increasing its product offerings for 2019. The company announced its new limited-edition 15th Anniversary Crash Cymbal in addition to the popular SHED SERIES. Offered as individual items or a full cymbal package, the series includes 15″ hi-hats, an 18″ crash, 10″ and 12″ splashes, and a monstrous 24″ ride cymbal. All products are available for purchase in the GospelChops Online Store or also on Amazon.

New Cymbals for 2019

18-inch 15th-year Anniversary Crash

The 15th-year Anniversary Crash Cymbal is a custom-lathed 18-inch crash with 6 laser-cut holes for just the right amount of trashy tone. The partially lathed surface provides a variety of tones. This epic crash performs well in a variety of musical styles.

GospelChops Cymbals: SHED Series

18-inch SHED Crash

The 18-inch SHED Crash is the flagship cymbal in the GospelChops catalog. This hand-hammered cymbal is designed to be a main crash and tonally outperforms much more expensive brands. The cymbal is thin, weighing in at 1240grams and provides a crisp, resonant tone. 

10-inch SHED Splash

The 10-inch SHED Splash cymbal is a paper-thin, brilliant splash that provides a lot of “swish” with minimal tone. It’s the way a splash cymbal should sound. Explosive attack and rapid decay provide a quick burst of bright “sizzle.” This cymbal will accent any modern drum setup.

19-inch RESURRECTION Crash

The 19-inch RESURRECTION Crash is the premier “trashy” crash for rock, pop, and gospel drummers. This crash is not subtle and it’s not quiet. This cymbal begs to be heard and it rewards hard-hitting drummers with an explosion of tone that accents a big sound. If you want a loud crash with a bigger footprint, look no further than the RESURRECTION Crash.

12-inch RAW Splash

This rough, earthy, organic splash can only be described as RAW. This 12-inch splash offers an alternative to classic cymbals. This option is attractive to creative drummers who appreciate intricate soundscapes. Try this cymbal for jazz, alternative, and cultural music.

15-inch SHED Hi Hats

These epic hi-hats are perfect for drummers who love an articulate tone with an obnoxious “chick.” The 15-inch SHED Hi Hats are versatile enough for everything from smooth lounge music to historic drum sheds. Hand-hammered by artisans of the craft who achieved heavenly perfection with this hi-hat set.

24-inch SHED Ride

The SHED Ride is definitely a big boy toy at 24 inches. It has a big sound to match its kit footprint and yields plenty of space to create various tones. Versatile enough for various genres, but also thin enough to double as a big secondary crash. This cymbal has it all; size, character, and tone.

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