Pronunciation: OHN-kor

What is an Encore?

An encore is a performance played at the end of a concert, which is often a response to an audience’s prolonged applause or request. Encore is a French word for “again.” When an audience shouts “encore,” at the end of a show, they’re simply yelling “again,” to the band or musical group.

Key Takeaways

  1. An encore is an additional performance performed by a band or musical group after the concert.
  2. An encore is typically a response from the performers after prolonged applause from the audience, or from an audience shouting “Encore!”
  3. It has become standard for rock and pop artists to perform an encore at major concerts.

Understanding Encore

After the musical number or concert, a band or group may play an encore that takes the form of a chorus, repeated verse, or an entire song, and even an entire additional set. In most circumstances, the standard for rock and pop concerts is to give an encore, especially in large venues such as an arena or a stadium. Encores are even almost always planned but are not included in the list of songs in sets.

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