Pronunciation: KOHN-TRAL-toe

What is Contralto?

Contralto is a type of singing voice that registers at the lowest range of a female voice type. It is a low-range voice, somewhere between the F below middle C, to the second F above middle, and sometimes even reaching above D.

Key Takeaways

  1. Contralto is the lowest range for the female voice type.
  2. Contralto singers have the rarest form of voice type.
  3. Contralto singers can sound like men when they speak or sing.

Understanding Contralto

It is considered to be the rarest woman’s voice type, and almost always underappreciated. When they speak or sing, these female singers often sound like men, The male voice countertype is the counter-tenor. Additionally, the voice type falls between tenor and mezzo-soprano. Contralto and alto have a similar musical pitch, but the former is a term formally reserved for female singers.

Some of the most known contralto singers include the Polish singer Ewa Podles and the film actress Zarah Leander.

Related Terms

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