Pronunciation: kohn-CHAIR-toe

What is Concerto?

A concerto is a musical composition designed for a solo instrument performance accompanied by an orchestra in the background.

Key Takeaways

  1. Concerto is a musical composition for a solo instrumental performance with an orchestra as its accompaniment.
  2. Concertos can be any musical instrument, such as a piano, violin, cello, and other instruments.
  3. Concertos showcase a musician’s virtuoso display.

Understanding Concerto

Concerto has its origins in the Baroque Era, with the first composition to be called such credited to Torelli in 1686.

The etymology of concerto is not very clear, although there are many attributions to its terminology inception. One of which is the Italian meaning of concerto, which means to gather; and the Latin verb concertare, which means a battle or a competition. Nevertheless, the term Concerto has become known as a composition that’s meant to be played by a soloist playing an instrument, showcasing his or her virtuoso display, against an accompanying orchestra.

One of the popular classical composers known to make concertos is Johann Sebastian Bach.

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