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Doesn’t it feel great to laugh?

We’ve all been there when you’re having a bad, or maybe just average day, and someone says something so incredibly funny that it immediately brightens your day. It feels great and it’s even proven to be physically healthy for you, increasing the release of endorphins and decreasing stress hormones.

The number of mental health benefits warrants a list of its own as well and it can even help us break down different social barriers. So it’s no surprise that comedy has become so popular around the world in both Christian and non-Christian settings.

But what does the bible have to say about laughter?

Ephesians 5: 4-12 goes over God’s disdain for foolish talk, crude joking, or empty talk.

Although not all secular comedy may be crude or have these other elements in it, much of it does. In fact, a lot of modern comedy relies on it, using the crudest, sexual, or even racist humor to give their act a shock value.

Thankfully, clean, Christian comedy was created for those looking for an alternative, and a variety of performers and increased streaming services make that comedy easier to access now more than ever.

Christian Comedians

Christian comedy has a wide range of what it can be used for. Though most of the time it will contain Christian references, it does not necessarily have to and it can simply be a Christian performing certifiably clean comedy to a Christian audience for the sake of making them laugh.

There is nothing wrong with this as the Bible has many verses on the value of laughter (see Psalm 2:4, Psalm 126:2) and the Bible even says that the Lord laughs (Psalm 37:13).

 However, many Christian comedians may use comedy as a tool to keep their audience entertained and engaged while delivering a powerful message.

When I was younger, I would often attend “Y.C.” (Youth Conference), which was a Christian music conference that had many speakers at it as well. The main speaker would often engage the audience and tell jokes, first focusing on building a rapport and entertaining the audience.

The end of his segment would always contain a powerful Christian message and I witnessed several people that came with my group give their lives to Christ.

The comedy, in this case, was essential to relating to the audience, especially when speaking to a younger or non-Christian crowd. I remember there were many speakers at YC, some who would’ve had a deeper, academic, or philosophical message.

Comedy is a great way to pass the time and to connect with other people. There is definitely a subtle art to making someone burst out laughing, and those moments add joy and zest to our lives. Though it may seem the most common type of comedy is vulgar, Christian comedy has made huge leaps forward over the years.

If you’ve been looking for wholesome, clean, Christian comedy, you’re in luck! We’ve put together a list of popular Christian comedians for you, here are some of our favorites.

Christian Comedy Youtube Channels

Kev On Stage

Ms. Shirleen



Michael Jr.

Small Fire

Jonathan Slocumb

Rickey Smiley

Chonda Pierce

David Dean

Marcus D. Wiley

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