This is the GospelChops Video that Changed the Drumming World

Long before gospel drummers were recognized in the industry, GospelChops picked up a camera and sparked a global movement with this nearly 6-minute video. Eric Moore II breaks down a classic 16th-note-triplet chop in its simplest terms “for cats that don’t read music.” Check out the drum lesson that started it all.

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  1. I am a Drummer and i follow boswell & figg chops with tony royster jr chops and i follow all the chops in GospelChops i like to see more of you guys, i wanna be perfect on more chops and rudiment and i need a strong hands on the drums i need exercises.

    i hope to read from you soon please.

    God Bless GospelChops and bless the admin reading this.

    Thank you.

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