This Drum Fill Will Make You Sound Like a GospelChops Drummer

I get tons of messages asking for the best way to get started with gospel drumming. Most drummers who weren’t raise in the church have a difficult time understanding what gospel drummers play. Because they can’t hear it, they can’t transcribe it.

In response to this question, I often advise drummers to gain a mastery of the 16th-note triplet. This pattern is the foundation of creating complex chops in gospel music. In the beginning it seem odd to drummers who aren’t used to it. But after spending some time focusing on the timing, the 16th-note triplet begins to open mental doors that were previous locked to drummers who don’t play gospel music regularly.

In this classic lesson – one of the first drum lessons I ever recorded – Eric Moore II demonstrates a creative application of the 16th-note triplet pattern distributed around the drum kit.

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