Grace Note

Pronunciation: grase note

What is a Grace Note?

A grace note is a musical notation that functions as an acciaccatura, which means ornamentation or embellishment in music theory. It is indicated in smaller print beside the principal note, to indicate that it is not part of the harmony or melody of the song.

Key Takeaways

  1. The grace note is a musical notation added as ornamentation or embellishment to the main note.
  2. It is non-essential but adds more expression and decoration to the harmony or melody.
  3. The grace note is left to the discretion or option of the musician.

Understanding Grace Note

The grace note does not count as part of the total time value of the measure and is simply added to give the main note a lift.

Moreover, the grace note is non-essential, and it is at the discretion of the musician whether to play it or not. However, composers add the grace note to add decoration to the main melody or harmony, making the sound more graceful, so to speak.

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