GNARBOT: The Future of Rock Drummers

In the heavily saturated field of rock drumming, every now and then a fresh face appears that redefines the art form. This era’s new face is Chris Paprota of GNARBOT.

This Pennsylvania native and bonafied “super-drummer” has mastered the art of drumming and his signature sound is an amazing blend of polyrhythmic chops and tasteful placements that leaves the listeners yearning for more.

In a recent Facebook post, Paprota credited the GospelChops SHED SESSIONZ DVD’s with changing his life. I don’t know what his drum life was before, but the gospel influence rings loud and clear in Chris’s playing. The fact that he is accompanied by three stringed assassins in GNARBOT is a formula for musical bliss.

GospelChops is happy to feature this wonderful mix of prog rock, fusion, and metal with a heavy gospel drumming influence. Chris Paprota’s unique blend of fusion and gospel drumming within eccentric musical arrangements proves that over the past 15 years, GospelChops has truly been “Blessing Lives Through Gospel Music Instruction.” Thankfully, those blessings cross color lines, religious lines, and political lines. Everyone is welcome in the shed.


Chris Paprota Plays:

Hi Hats:

Crash Cymbal:

Splash Cymbal:

Ride Cymbal:

Crash/China Stack: and

Crash Cymbal:

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