Father’s Day Gifts for Musicians

A father holds such a special place in a child’s heart. To many, a father is like a tree that shades its children from the harsh rays of life. It spreads its branches to provide shade in the glaring heat and similarly shields its children in storms by blocking the bellowing wind. A dad is not just a protective figure, but also a role model in whose steps we follow as we grow.

This is why the 16th of June is set aside as a day to show our fathers how much they mean to us. Probably, throughout your life, your dad has showered you with gifts even in times of financial difficulty. It is now time for him to be on the receiving end. So why not make this Fathers’ Day special for your old man?

With the day fast approaching, there is limited time to figure out the perfect gift for your dad. But thanks to Amazon, that overnight shipping will have you covered.

If your dad is a musician or a music fanatic, this is just the right article for you. This is an in-depth guide on music-related gifts that will definitely warm your old man’s heart. Here are a few affordable gift ideas that will definitely strike the right chord with dad:

Customized Guitar Picks

Is your dad a guitarist? If he is, this should top of your lists. Get him a pack of these little babies and you will be a hero to him. You can order customized guitar picks with quotes and love messages on them. If it is within your means, you can also get him a nice pocket sleeve to keep his precious picks. Quite a simple gift, but he will surely cherish it whenever he plays his instrument.

Pick Punch

This is one of the most creative ideas I have ever come across. It is simply a device that enables you to make your own guitar picks. It resembles a stapler. To make your own picks, all you need to do is slide a plastic card into it and punch through the card to cut out the guitar pick.

Guitar picks get lost quite easily. Instead of having to buy new ones every other day, it will be really nice to get your dad a lifetime’s supply of picks. With a pick punch, he doesn’t have to buy a pick ever again. Interestingly, a pick punch costs about $25 and comes with a stack of plastic sheets from which he can make his own picks. Too bad they don’t come with custom messages on them though.


This is only applicable if your dad plays a stringed instrument such as a guitar, violin, viola, cello or bass. Stringed instruments are a little harder to maintain. With a little extra force when tuning, the string can snap off its bridge. Show your dad that you care about his instrument and get him a new set of strings. On the other hand, if your dad plays the woodwind, a pack of reeds will do. That way, he knows that he always has a spare set of strings or a reed and most importantly, he can always count on you.

Bluetooth Speaker

There is no musician who does not listen to music. Save your dad the trouble of having to listen to music using his phone and buy him a portable Bluetooth speaker. That way, he can listen to music even when he is outdoors and enjoy awesome sound quality. You can even go for a waterproof speaker just to add some spice to it. If he likes to listen to music in the shower or by the pool, this is perfect. For about $50, this will definitely be a nice gift.

High-Fidelity Earplugs

Musicians relish the sound quality of music when it is playing as opposed to the rest of us who just care about the beat. In concerts, reverberation alters with the sound quality. If your dad is fond of concerts, as a musician, this will definitely not go down well with him. He doesn’t get to enjoy the music as he should.

Get him high-fidelity earplugs. They filter the sound passing through them and maintain the acoustic quality of the music in a concert hall. What more could he ask for? You will totally change his perspective on concerts and enable him to enjoy more of them.

Recording Microphone

Does your dad record his own songs or podcasts? If he records his music directly using a headphone mouthpiece, he probably does not like the sound quality he gets from it. A good recording microphone is exactly what he needs. You can get this for about forty bucks.

He can plug it directly to his computer and sing directly into it to record. It filters the sound through it and muffles airwaves that would otherwise produce scratchy noises on the final audio. If he records using his microphone, the final audio will be very clear. All he can hear is his amazing rich vocals. If this doesn’t put a smile on his face, I have no idea what else will.

Instrument Case

A musical instrument is never safe without a protective case. Instrument cases wear out over time. Surprise your father with a new one on his special day. This will allow him to move around with his instrument easily and also enhance its safety.

Instead of just buying him an ordinary dull-colored case, go for the ones with some designs of art on them. You can pay a few more bucks and order a custom design printing on the case. It can be an imprint of his name or autograph. He will definitely appreciate the sweet gesture and treasure the gift for the rest of his life.

Clip-on Tuner

You can’t responsibly own any stringed instrument without a good tuner. A clip-on tuner is much better than other tuners. If your dad is a guitarist, he will definitely love it. The clip-on tuner can be attached to the headstock of the instrument. The closer the tuner is to the strings, the more sensitive it is. It can easily detect any slight overtones or variations from the actual note. This will make it easier for your old man to tune his instrument to a perfect pitch and simply float away in his world of music. Furthermore, because clip-on tuners are clearly visible from the headstock, they allow for pristine tuning during the gig.

Mechanical Metronome

A metronome is a device that is used to set the tempo at which a certain piece should be played. Traditional metronomes are slowly being fazed out by modern smartphone applications. This is exactly why it will make the ideal antique gift for your dad. Many musicians treasure such antiques and keep them as trophies. To add the icing on the cake, you can have his name engraved on its base. He will definitely have a special place for it on his trophy cabinet.

Mini Amp

If your dad plays an electric instrument, he probably has a large amplifier in his music room. The only issue is that he can’t move around with it because it needs to be connected to power when in use. This is where a portable battery power mini amp comes in handy.

It is small enough to fit in a small backpack. He can take his music outdoors with it. All he needs to do is charge it and he is good to go. It only costs about fifty bucks. However, you can not put a price to the flexibility it will offer him. If he wants to play his music in the backyard, he doesn’t have to pull lengthy cables from an indoor socket to the amplifier. The mini amp has got him covered and good to go.


How about a pair of good quality wireless headphones? This way, your musician dad can listen to his music and move freely without being entangled in some annoying cable. Headphones keep all other distractions and exterior noises at bay, allowing dad to concentrate solely on the music. Even if your dad is the old-school type who doesn’t own headphones, his perspective will probably change once he tries them on and feels the musical magic.

Musical Artifacts

There are many artifact ideas you can try. You can start with a set of mugs with an artistic impression of a music score on them. How about a lunch box that has the shape of his favorite instrument? You can also get him a piece of jewelry that has a pendant of his favorite instrument. Trust me, any of this is bound to float his boat.

The list of gifts for musicians is simply endless. Getting your dad tickets to a concert by his favorite band or a classical concert is a good idea as well. As usual, don’t forget to write him a card and tell him how much he means to you. There is so much you can do to melt your father’s heart. Above all gifts, the best present is the gift of love. Spending quality time with him and a warm hug will go a long way to make the day even more special for him. Fathers are truly heroes in our lives. We should learn to cherish each moment with them. And if they love music, shower them with musical love.

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