Easy Drum Songs

Every day we receive requests for song recommendations from drummers around the world who want to learn gospel drumming. We respond to each of them the same way. If you are a beginning drummer or just new to gospel music, there are a few gospel songs that you should learn in order to get a grasp of gospel drumming. We’ve put together a list of easy drum songs for drummers who want to learn to play gospel music. Listen to these songs and play along until the “feel” and rhythm of gospel music becomes natural to you.

Easy Drum Songs in 4/4 Time

In gospel music, songs written in 4/4 time vary widely from the slow trot worship songs to the fast tempo call-and-response and choir songs. Here are a few gospel songs that will help you become comfortable playing drums in 4/4 time:

Because He Lives

Thank You Lord

I Shall Wear a Crown

Oh How Wondrous

I Give Myself Away

Praise Is What I Do


We’ve Come This Far By Faith

Oh the Blood of Jesus (Medley)

Easy Drum Songs in 6/8 Time

Some drum instructors suggest to new students that they should wait until they become intermediate-level players to explore playing in 6/8 time. NOPE! Timing is the foundation of playing drums and exploring different time signatures in your beginning stages will be beneficial to you in the long run. Check out these gospel songs in 6/8 time and play along with them until you lock it down:

Pass Me Not

(Originally written in 4/4, but commonly played in gospel as 6/8)

No Weapon

Easy Drum Songs in 9/8 Time

We included this song because it is a staple in gospel music and we want you to challenge yourself at the beginning stages to grasp different time signatures. If you focus on the clapping, this song sounds a lot like 3/4 time, but it’s actually written in 9/8. Enjoy!

Praise Him, Jesus Blessed Savior

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