A Complete Guide to Biblical Numerology

biblical numerology

The Bible is full of symbolism and meanings that are not easily understood. But what we Christians need to know is that not one single thing in the Bible is made randomly. Just like how God made humankind, there are no accidents in the way He creates. When the Old Testament was created, the narratives, the words, and the stories were all made by design, and one of the many things that we can find in the book are numbers.

Numbers are used in the Bible to depict stories, to define meaning and symbols, and to provide us with a base for our understanding of God’s word. By knowing and truly understanding the meanings behind the numbers, we can see the true beauty and love of God for His people.

Biblical Numerology

Biblical Numerology is defined by numerical meaning hidden within the word of God through the use of numbers. In fact, numbers have long-held biblical meaning and symbolism, as they are seen all over the Bible.

For example, the angel number 3 depicts the true nature of God, which is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The early Christian churches also recognized that the Bible had four layers of interpretation, which they called the Quadriga. The Quadriga consists of the following:

1. Literal
2. Allegorical or Symbolic
3. Moral
4. Anagogical or Mystical

According to the early church, the Bible’s stories and narratives are to be interpreted using these four concepts, and that each command or story present in the Bible features these four layers of meanings.

A scripture may be interpreted literally, but it can also be understood with its symbolic meaning, its moral representations, and its mystical symbolism.

Unlocking Biblical Numerology

When looking into the Bible, numbers are often used to represent deeper meanings and messages. From the number of days during which Noah’s ark was floating on waters (150) to the age of Jesus when he started his ministry (30), biblical numerology is an intricate and important part of understanding scripture.

Numerology is the science of numbers and their symbolism. It can help to uncover hidden messages within the Bible, as each number can carry its own special spiritual significance. For example, the number seven is widely seen in Christianity as a symbol of completion or perfection – it’s mentioned over 700 times in the Bible and has many meanings such as God’s covenant with man, the seven days of creation, and the Feast of Tabernacles.

Another number that is found throughout scripture is 12. This number typically signifies divine government or divine order, as it is seen in Jesus’s 12 apostles, or his 12 tribes of Israel. Additionally, numbers such as 10 represent laws and commandments while 40 often symbolizes a period of testing.

When looking for further understanding of the Bible, biblical numerology can be an important tool to utilize. By deciphering these hidden messages, we can gain greater insight into God’s Word and its meaning. As we look at the in-depth symbolism of numbers found throughout scripture, may it open up new possibilities for us to explore and understand the power of God’s Word.

A great way to start is by exploring some key figures in the Bible, such as Abraham, Sarah, Moses, David and Solomon. By looking into their lives, we can see how numbers are used to convey a larger message. For example, when Abraham was called by God to offer his son Isaac as a sacrifice, the number 8 plays an important part in this journey. In sum, when embarking on a spiritual journey into understanding God’s Word, biblical numerology can be of great help in finding hidden meanings and messages that may have gone unnoticed until now.

The Patterns of Numbers

Researchers have revealed that patterns of numbers are found within the Bible. These connections are said to exist not by accident but by divination and that each one has a spiritual significance attached to them by God.

The discovery of such patterns reveals that a bigger force is behind the creation of the Bible, and not just man himself. These patterns show proof that God inspired every word and story in the book, which proclaims His Word, His will, and His plans for man.

By understanding the numbers, mankind can receive greater awareness of Christian life as well as the perfection of God’s creation.

The Meanings and Symbolisms of the Most Common Numbers in the Bible

Number 1: Unity of One God

1 Timothy 2:5 tells us: For there is one God, and one mediator between God and mankind, and that is Christ Jesus.

Biblical number 1 symbolizes our one true God and that there should be no other God before Him. The number tells us to worship only God, and no one and nothing else. Not the gods of the earth, not the gods of society, and certainly not to treat other humans as if they were gods themselves. Mankind must only serve and worship one God and that is our Creator and no one and nothing else.

Number 2: Union of Two Souls

Biblical number two symbolizes the union of two souls and the support of another human being. In Ephesians 5:31, it says, “For this reason, a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh.” The number 2 symbolizes two individuals coming together to form as one in marriage, between a man and woman, which serves as the foundation of the family.

It also talks about mankind and how doing things on your own can be improved with the help of another individual. In Ecclesiastes 4:9, it says, “Two are better than one because they have a good reward for their toil.”

The number 2 also symbolizes the dual nature of man. The number 2 represents the good and evil present in mankind and the fact that these two go hand in hand.

In Galatians 6:8, it says, “Whoever sows to please their flesh, from the flesh will reap destruction; whoever sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life.”

This verse tells us that there are two roads that mankind follows. It’s either the road to destruction when we make the desires of the flesh paramount in our lives; and it also talks about how living your life in accordance with the Lord can lead you to eternal life.

Oftentimes, we see people who are known to be good people act out in bad behavior, and we are often surprised by this outburst. Other times, we see people as bad, but then they also surprise us by doing good deeds.

The number and the verse tell us that there are always two sides to every person, the good and the bad, but the verse also tells us that when we choose to act on our bad side, it leads to destruction; and if we choose to follow God’s Word, then it leads us to eternal life.

Number 3: Wholeness

Biblical number 3 in the Bible represents the Holy Trinity of God, which is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. It also represents Divine Perfection, as many things in the world are made up of three parts, which include time, with the past, present, and future; space, which consists of height, width, and depth; and lastly, matter, which consists of solid, liquid, and gas.

Other forms of divine perfection include mankind, having a mind, body, and spirit; the three abilities of mankind being thought, words, and action; the three places men dwell, which are heaven, earth, and hell; and the three gifts of grace, which are faith, hope, and love, among many other mentions in the Bible that exist in 3’s.

Number 4: Totality

The biblical number 4 is revealed in Revelation 7:1, which states, “After this I saw 4 angels standing at the 4 corners of the earth, holding back the four winds of the earth, that the wind does not blow on the earth, nor the sea, nor on any tree.”

In terms of the Catholic church, the altar consists of four corners, four pillars, and other features in 4’s. It also relates to the totality of many aspects of the earth, such as directions being north, south, east, and west; and four seasons in a year, being spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

Number 6: Fallen Nature of Man

The Bible number 6 is popularly depicted in the combination number of 666, which is the number of the beast of the sea, otherwise known as the number of Satan. It also represents mankind, as man was created on the 6th day of God’s creation in the book of Genesis.

Number 6 can symbolize imperfection, and evil.

Number 7: Total Perfecton

While the number 6 symbolizes the fallen nature of man and the devil, the angel number 7, on the other hand, represents total perfection in God. It also depicts completion, as God completed the creation of the earth in 7 days. There are also 7 days of the week, and in the book of Revelation, there are 7 churches, 7 bowls, 7 seals, trumpets, 7 things, 7 spirits, 7 stars, and 7 lampstands. The combination number of 777 is said to represent Jesus Christ.

It also talks about the act of forgiveness, as when Peter aked God how many times he must forgive. God answered him “70 times 7 times”, which means forgiveness should not be limited and should be done always.

Number 8: Rebirth

The symbolic number 8 is said to represent rebirth. This is because Jesus died on the 6th day, rested in the tomb on the 7th day, and rose from the dead on the 8th day. If you add up Jesus’ name, its numerical value is 888. In the story of Noah’s Ark, there were also 8 survivors, which signifies resurrection from disaster.

When you see the number 8 after a heartbreak, a loss, or any tragedy in your life, it could be God’s way of telling you that resurrection is about to happen, that you can rise above travesty, and that you should remember God’s resurrection from the dead after having been sacrificed by the Father to repent for your sins.

Number 10: Completeness

Number 10 depicts completion in the Bible. This is perfectly seen in the Ten Commandments, the 10 kingdoms which will remain at the end of times, as well as the 10 horns of the beast from the sea.

When God designed man, he also provided him with 10 fingers and 10 toes to signify that His work was done on creating the physical body of man.

Number 12: God’s Government

In the book of Revelation, it says in Chapter 21, verse 12: “It had a great, high wall with 12 gates, and with 12 angels at the gates, on the gate were written the names of the 12 tribes of Israel.”

The Number 12 also represents the 12 apostles of Jesus, whom He brought together to tell the world about mankind’s inherent divine nature, also known as the Christ within us all.

These 12 divine natures are:

Peter – Faith
John – Love
Andrew – Strength
Philip – Power
James – Judgment
Bartholomew – Imagination
Thomas – Understanding
Matthew – Will
James – Order
Simon – Zeal
Judas – Life
Thaddeus – Renunciation

Number 30: A Person’s Calling

The number 30 is mentioned in the Bible to represent a person’s calling. Jesus himself began his ministry at the age of 30; John the Baptist also started his mission at this age, as well as Joseph and King David, who were both at the age of 30 when they became rulers.

The number also represents sacrifice as it was 30 coins that tempted Judas to sell Jesus, resulting in the ultimate sacrifice the world had ever seen and will ever have.

It also talks about mourning and grief, as it is the time frame associated with the mourning of the deaths of Aaron and Moses.

Number 40: Trials

Number 40 represents many trials in the Bible. In Genesis 7:12, it says, “And rain fell to the earth 40 days and 40 nights.” This talks about the great flood and the story of Noah’s Ark, where it rained for 40 days and wiped out all living creatures on earth, except for Noah, his family, and the animals on board the ship.

In the story of Moses, God punished the Israelites for 40 years to wander the wilderness, In the story of Jesus, He was tested in the wilderness for 40 days and 40 nights. In the story of Goliath, he challenged the Israelites for 40 days before he was killed by David.

Number 50: Celebration

Number 5 represents feast or celebration, In Leviticus 23:15-16, it says, “The Feast of Pentecost was celebrated on the 50th day after Passover.” Furthermore, Leviticus 25:10 says, “And you shall consecrate the 50th year and proclaim liberty throughout the land and all its inhabitants. It shall be a jubilee for you.”

Number 153: Abundance of God’s Blessings

In John 21:11, talks about the abundance of God’s blessing. In the Bible verse, it says, “So Simon Peter climbed back into the boat and dragged the net ashore. It was full of large fish, 153, but even with so many the net was not torn.”

In a time of drought, God was able to provide mankind with 153 fishes, which were so large that it overflowed on the boat. This can represent God’s overflow of blessings.

Another instance where the number 153 can be found is the totality to the number of people that Christ blessed in the New Testament. In total, Christ blessed a total of 153 in 48 separate incidents.


The Bible is our guide on how we must live our lives here on Earth so that we may have eternal life when we leave the physical world. While the stories, words, and scriptures bring us hope, faith, strength, and guidance, it is also filled with symbolism that allows us to feel God’s love for us with the mention of biblical numerology.

The more we understand what these numbers are about, the better we feel connected to His love and His plans for our lives here on earth. Numbers don’t merely represent mathematical meanings but they carry with them messages and the revelation of God’s handiwork.

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