Pronunciation: KOMP-ing

What is Comping?

Comping is a term typically used in jazz music, which describes the musical accompaniment of a jazz soloist. It comes from the word “accompaniment” or “complement,” signifying a derivation of either word.

Key Takeaways

  1. Comping is a term in jazz that refers to the accompaniment to the improvised performance of the soloist.
  2. Any instrument can be used for comping but the rhythm section is the most commonly used.
  3. A comper adapts or adds countermelodies to a jazz soloist.

Understanding Comping

Furthermore, comping refers to the chord, countermelodies, and rhythms that support the improvised solo or melody lines of a soloist. The term can also be used to describe the left-hand part of a solo pianist.

Any jazz instrument can be used for comping but the rhythm section instruments such as the piano, organ, and guitar are the most typically used material for comping. The comper, as what musicians are called, adapts to the style of the soloist.

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