Boondock Saints Prayer

The prayer known as “The Family Prayer” in the movie The Boondock Saints is an oath to God. In the prayer, the McManus brothers promise to follow God’s directions and to rid the world of sinners.

After the release of the movie Boondock Saints, it has grown increasingly popular.

It’s from the 1999 film Boondock Saints, which itself was based on a comic.

The Boondock Saints prayer was penned by the film’s director, Troy Duffy, and his father. Based on his experiences as a resident of Los Angeles, he created the movie.

Since its premiere, a large number of individuals have purchased the film, and prayer posters are frequently seen on many college dorm walls.

In addition, people have tattooed phrases from the Boondock Saints’ prayer on their bodies in order to duplicate Connor, the main protagonist of the film, who has a tattoo on his left hand/index finger that reads “VERITAS,” which is Latin for “Truth.”

Elle is a professional matchmaker who helped Dana Hunt (Natalie Mendoza) find love. She has a tattoo on her right hand that says “AEQUITAS,” which is Latin for “Justice/Equality.”

The emphasis is on the need to get rid of evil and avert the end of the world.

The weaker should have a voice in every circumstance. The prayer is focused on a known parameter: the triumph of good over evil.

Boondock Saints Prayer (The Family Prayer)

And shepherds we shall be. For thee, my Lord, for thee.

Power hath descended forth from thy hand that our feet may swiftly carry out thy command.

So we shall flow a river forth to thee and teeming with souls shall it ever be.

E nomini patri, et Fili e spiritu sancti.

Below is a translation of the prayer:

“We are shepherds of the people for you, O God. Our power comes from your hand. We will follow your instructions and rid the world of sinners. In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.”

Meaning of the Boondock Saints Prayer

When the film’s main figures receive a message from God telling them to “destroy all that which is evil, so that which is good may flourish.

The Boondock Saints Prayer is a request for God’s shepherds to be set apart and empowered by his hand. They vow to obey his commands and return the evildoers to him.

It vividly expresses the power of coming together for a noble cause. It compels you to put your soul into dedication by motivating you to do so.

Anyone who believes they are being ripped off by the wealthy and powerful may join in with religious devotion, and God will shower you with His blessings to combat evil.

The Latin conclusion of this Boondock Saints prayer is phrases such as, “through Christ our Lord.” This isn’t quite accurate. It’s a little more advanced than that.

So all in all the prayer translates to:

The powers and blessings which we receive from you will enable us to fulfil the duties of protecting faith and humanity, it will help us avenge injustice and we will be obliged to you God as we to be able to do something about it. The souls of the wicked shall be purified by blood, and sent back to their maker, if it is in their power. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Origin of the Boondock Saints Prayer

There’s no proof that the prayer has biblical origins. The Boondock Saints’ prayer might be connected to biblical quotations or Scriptures, such as:

“And I will execute great vengeance upon them with furious rebukes; and they shall know that I am the Lord, when I shall lay my vengeance upon them.” – Ezekiel 25:17

The Almighty is omnipotent and omniscient, according to this verse.

The innocent will be vindicated, and the guilty will be punished for their crimes.

The Lord’s Prayer is the only prayer that appears in the Bible, which reads: “E nomini patri et Filii e spiritu sancti.”

This is a priestly quotation that you hear all the time.

The last line is from Matthew 28:19-20 of the Latin Vulgate Bible, which reads:

euntes ergo docete omnes gentes baptizantes eos in nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti docentes eos servare omnia quaecumque mandavi vobis et ecce ego vobiscum sum omnibus diebus usque ad consummationem saeculi. – Matthew 28:19-20 of the Latin Vulgate Bible

The Bible verse that inspired this poem was also the source of a famous quote in Quentin Tarantino’s film “Pulp Fiction,” which goes:

“The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides with the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who in the name of charity and good will shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon those with great vengeance and with furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know that my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee.”

When God punishes people who have committed sins, they will recognize him as God.

About the Movie, Boondock Saints

The importance of the Boondock Saints prayer is highlighted after Conor and Murphy MacManus recount their tale to Smecker, at which point he declines to press charges and allows them to spend the night in a holding cell so as not to draw attention from the media. That night, they receive a “calling” from God telling them to search out evildoers in order that good people may flourish.

In the aftermath, John Connor and Murphy vow to vanquish evil from Boston for the victory of good over evil.

The film effectively depicts how the two brothers (Conor and Murphy) became vigilantes after eliminating two members of the Russian Mafia, who were in self-defense, to rid their city of crime.

The Boondock Saints was a cult classic, and it has grown a large following.

The poem was used as inspiration by the characters in the film to execute individuals who commit evil deeds in real life, but you cannot kill anybody and must seek justice on your own.

Stand your ground and wait for karma and God to clear the way. Simply have faith and pray to God with all of your heart, and things will work out on their own.

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Applying the Key Messages of the Boondock Saints Prayer to Everyday Life

The Boondock Saints Prayer is a powerful and meaningful prayer that speaks to us in many ways. It reminds us of the power of prayer, how it connects us to God, and helps us better understand His plan for our lives.

Additionally, each line of the Boondock Saints Prayer has its own individual meaning and can be applied directly to our daily lives. By taking the time to reflect on each line and its meaning, we can strive to live our lives more in accordance with God’s will.

Ultimately, the Boondock Saints Prayer is a powerful reminder of God’s love for us and His desire that we use prayer as a tool to connect with Him.

Closing Thoughts on How This Powerful Prayer Can Transform Your Life

The Boondock Saints Prayer is a powerful and meaningful prayer that speaks to us in many ways. It brings us closer to God, reminding us of His love for us and His plan for our lives. We can use this prayer as an opportunity to connect with God on a deeper level, reflecting on each line of the prayer and how it applies to our own life.

By meditating on the Boondock Saints Prayer, we can strive to live our lives more in accordance with God’s will and better understand His plan for us. May we all be blessed by this powerful prayer and use it as a tool to draw closer to Him. Amen.

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