GospelChops has brought together four of the most electrifying bassists in the music industry to collaborate in amazing shed session that includes solos, chops, and musical conversations that will satisfy any bassist looking for inspiration.

Mark Peric of the Planetshakers brings a soulful, funky flavor to the project all the way from Brisbane, Australia. With influences like Jaco Pastorius and Larry Graham, Peric’s signature sound is a perfect fit with the “church cats.”

Joshua Young, from Queens, New York, is incredibly gifted on bass. He received a full scholarship to the Berklee School of Music as a teenager. He has since graduated and displayed his amazing solo chops on the project. His style is clearly influenced by the legendary Jaco, but Joshua adds a youthful creativity to 4-string bass.

Anthony Crawford’s heavy jazz influence shines bright with masterful solos and complicated lead lines that leave us all reaching for transcription paper. He currently plays and tours with Virgil Donati and Allan Holdsworth, respectively. Check out Anthony’s solo album on iTunes here.

Brandon K. Brown, originally from Memphis, TN, has become one of Los Angeles’s most sought after bassists. He has toured with American Idol, Jessica Simpson, and is currently on the road with The Jacksons. Brandon’s Jamerson-like style is filled with thick pentatonic chops and soulful grooves.

BASS SESSIONZ VOL. 2 is a must-have disc for every bassist and it’s coming soon to Blu-ray Disc! In the meantime, be sure to purchase BASS SESSIONZ VOL. 1 here.

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